insurance sales person, collector, and insurance underwriter

insurance sales person, collector, and insurance underwriter

Reporting an insured event
Reporting an insured event Concluding the motor hull casco insurance Checking the personal data of a client Document completion Accepting insurance premium payment Discussing the insurance of a car
insurance sales person, collector, and insurance underwriter:

Who are they and what do they do? The task is to create and administer a network of insurance holders and make sure the risks insured, premiums paid and the extent of insurance cover, are appropriate and according to company policies. Sometimes, and in larger companies, these three functions are carried out by different workers, at other times, and in smaller companies, they may be merged into one. The insurance sales person is either employed by an insurance company or may work as its external associate (an insurance sales agent), who gets clients and concludes agreements with them, usually in his/her spare time, in addition to his/her main job, and is paid by the insurance company on the basis of his/her success in getting clients. An agent usually reports to an insurance sales manager - an employee of the insurance company, who is then also responsible for managing these agents. If independent from the company, such agents can form a separate professional group and be known as insurance brokers, who offer relatively independent advice though still earning a living by commission from the insurance companies, though in this case, not from any one organisation.

What are the activities of the job? Insurance salesperson - providing information, discussing the conditions and concluding all types of insurance agreements and contracts with clients, for the types of events insured against - acquiring information about the client necessary to determine the appropriate type of insurance coverage. The collector - collects the money due from clients, makes sure that insured persons pay their premiums. The Underwriter accepts proposals for insurance agreements from insurance sales staff and agents or brokers, checks that they are correct and complete, evaluates whether there is increased risk involved (for example bad health of the insured, risky occupation, etc.) - issues completed insurance agreements - may offer quotes on the cost of premiums to potential customers, takes care of any changes or other interventions in the insurance agreements - takes care of correspondence with the insured persons - dealing with complaints - manages the acquisition and administration of insurance or certain sections of it - may also carry out advisory and supervisory activities, or train new staff.

Where is it done and under what conditions? The job is done in office spaces, meeting rooms, or in the homes or businesses of potential insurance customers. The work environment is likely to have few discomforts, though insurance sales people may work unsocial hours and spend considerable time travelling or away from home in some cases.

What tools/equipment do they use? Primarily computer technology and normal office equipment.

What do you need to succeed? You need university, higher specialised or complete specialised secondary education with a school-leaving certificate, which usually needs to be supplemented with a specialised training course or training on the job at the insurance company, ability to deal with people, a cultivated appearance and manner, precision, arithmetical skills, ability to learn. The sales role requires persuasiveness and a reasonably extrovert personality.

insurance sales person, collector, and insurance underwriter:
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