artificial flower maker

artificial flower maker

Preparatory work before manufacturing decorative wreaths
Preparatory work before manufacturing decorative wreaths Chiseling out´ an oak leaf Pressing´ - embossing the structure of a leaf Pressed leaves Sliding petals onto a metal stem
artificial flower maker:

Who are they and what do they do? An artificial flower maker makes parts of artificial flowers and other decorative items.

What are the activities of the job? , Using various plastics processing technologies, including the preparation of colour solutions; bonding and binding the parts to complete the artificial flowers. In addition to flowers, s/he makes also certain decorative items. S/he tends and maintains the machinery and equipment in use.

Where is it done and under what conditions? In a workshop environment. Contact with chemicals needs to be expected.

What tools/equipment do they use? Various machinery and equipment, fine hand tools and equipment.

What do you need to succeed? You need vocational training, a sense of the aesthetic and practical skills.

artificial flower maker:
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