Seeking for an aesthetically suitable shape of a new building, using the photographs of the original surrounding area
Seeking for an aesthetically suitable shape of a new building, using the photographs of the original surrounding area Manual drawing of the architectural design of a theatre Computer modelling of the architectural design Discussing the colour of the fašade of the towers of the building in construction with the site manager Checking the fastening of the chimney cap in compliance with the requirements of the National Trust Discussing the placement of control of the Venetian blinds The chief site manager informs the architect on the work status in the east section of the restaurant The architect and the investor observe the detail of the plasterboard bond

Who are they and what do they do? An architect's job consists of developing designs for new or reconstructed buildings, from large residential buildings to the interior of individual houses. An architect may operate as a free lance or as an employee of a construction firm or agency.

What are the activities of the job? The job involves design of buildings, mainly residential or public buildings(schools, theatres, offices, etc.) as well as industrial and agricultural facilities, design work to do with reconstruction of historic buildings and the preservation of cultural heritage, design of interiors for all kinds of buildings including exhibitions, activities associated with building permit procedures, and landscaping., * You may also have to deal with all levels of government and corporate or local authorities. Architects also assess architectural design solutions in the field of design and project planning, offer consultancy on the most appropriate construction styles, and carry our scientific work and teaching in the area of architecture and planning of the built environment.

Where is it done and under what conditions? The job is done mainly in studios and offices in fairly comfortable conditions, though you may need to visit building sites.

What tools/equipment do they use? Most used tools are writing and drawing office supplies and computer technology.

What do you need to succeed? A degree from a university with an architectural specialisation is necessary as well as creativity and inventiveness, aesthetic feeling, spatial imagination and (of course) the ability to learn.

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