craft mosaic maker

craft mosaic maker

Designing a mosaic in a studio
Designing a mosaic in a studio Making a mosaic - ceramic tile chipping Tile cutting with a cutter Mosaic design drawing Inlayer´s tools
craft mosaic maker:

Who are they and what do they do? A craft mosaic maker composes mosaics as part of the interior and exterior décor of buildings.

What are the activities of the job? Assembles pictorial mosaics of glass enamels and natural stone as a part of the buildings and interior architecture. S/he prepares her/himself the material, cuts and in other ways adjusts the required shapes. S/he renovates mosaics of historic value.

Where is it done and under what conditions? Both outside and inside buildings. Some work may be done at a height.

What tools/equipment do they use? Tools for fine craft work.

What do you need to succeed? You need vocational training, concentration, practical skills, creative aptitude and a sense of the aesthetic.

craft mosaic maker:
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