Checking the identity of the accused
Checking the identity of the accused Preparing the proceedings -reading the supporting documents Invitation to propose evidence Dictating the sentence into a tape recorder Hearing a witness Dictating a note on the course of the proceedings to the minute clerk Hearing the speech of the prosecutor Passing the sentence

Who are they and what do they do? The judge ensures justice is done in the form of court decisions in individual cases.

What are the activities of the job? Deciding on the rights, obligations and legal interests of individuals, organisations and the state, judging the guilt of the accused and imposing punishments or other measures. A judge may perform his/her functions as a judge in training, and after passing the qualifying examination for judges, as a chairman of a court or of a panel.

Work activities include:

A judge in training - preparation for the work of a judge - performing simple tasks reserved for single-judge panels under the supervision of an experienced judge, until he/she passes the judges' qualifying examination.

Chairman of a court - the dispensation of justice in district, regional, or high courts, the Supreme Court or the Constitutional Court - submitting initiatives to unify the decision of all judges in higher cases - setting the schedule of the court's work, dividing it among panels and involving the staff of the organisation - appointing judges to various departments - managing the administrative services of the court (mail room, file room, accounting office) - managing and organising the operation of court offices.

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