care assistant, home care assistant, home care organiser

care assistant, home care assistant, home care organiser

Serving food
Serving food Helping a patient to sit Preparing medicines Preparing an examination Changing a patient´s diaper
care assistant, home care assistant, home care organiser:

Who are they and what do they do? The care worker's job is to take care of people who need it. He/she usually works either in a household or as a care assistant in an institution (care homes, old people's home, sanatoria, etc.) or as a care worker for children.

What are the activities of the job? Care worker in households/"home help" - helping old or disabled people with their housework (cleaning, meal preparation, laundry, ironing, change of bed clothes, etc.), sometimes with their personal hygiene, changing clothes, etc. - providing prescription drugs - shopping, sometimes making other necessary trips (to the post office, dry cleaners, pharmacy, etc.)

Care assistant in institutions, sanatoria, old people's homes - taking care of the needs of old, ill or disabled people (cleaning, changing their clothes, help with personal hygiene, making tea, sometimes feeding them etc.) - providing prescription drugs.

Care worker for children (in households - may also be known as a childminder) - preparation of meals for children, feeding and washing the children, changing their clothes, or helping them to do so, changing babies' nappies - playing with children - reading to them, telling stories, singing, reciting poems, etc. - providing medication to the children when needed or applying ointment to the skin, if they need it or if prescribed by a doctor - ensuring children's safety, continuous monitoring of their activities - and sometimes taking walks with the children.

Where is it done and under what conditions? Mostly in rooms where people are lying down or in their own homes, but also outside (walking with people in wheelchairs, going to pharmacies, and other shops, etc.).

care assistant, home care assistant, home care organiser:
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