architectural conservation officer

architectural conservation officer

Inspection of a beam ceiling
Inspection of a beam ceiling Inventory of historical buildings Expert supervision of building modifications Inspecting an uncovered keystone in a vault
architectural conservation officer:

Who are they and what do they do? The architectural conservation officer carries out and organise organises surveys of historic and other buildings, documents and records results of such surveys.

What are the activities of the job? He/she ensures the protection of listed buildings, proposes restoration and reconstruction of them, checks on the implementation of such restoration or reconstruction. He/she registers the protection of listed buildings at various administrative institutions. He/she prepares documents for local authorities for planning applications and building permits, to influence decision-making about the granting of such permits, architectural and urban plans, etc.

Where is it done and under what conditions? In the listed building or on the site itself (archaeological digs, castles, palaces, cathedrals, and other important listed objects) as well as in offices.

What tools/equipment do they use? Records and plans of buildings, including historical documents, town planning documents and other legal paperwork. Information technology and other normal office equipment and communication systems.

What do you need to succeed? You need to have completed secondary, higher or university education, have a liking for historic buildings, and a systematic manner of working.

architectural conservation officer:
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