model/ fashion model, photographic model

model/ fashion model, photographic model

Preparing a challenging choreography of a fashion show with models
Preparing a challenging choreography of a fashion show with models Preparing a fashion show in cooperation with a makeup artist - applying makeup suitable to be used in spotlights The hair stylist shapes the hairstyle of a model before a fashion show in compliance with the aim of the fashion designer Cooperation with the hair stylist before the fashion show - fixing hair with a spray Modeling a dress in front of a large public Posing for a photographer of a women´s fashion magazine Selecting shoes according to the instructions of the fashion designer Rehearsing a fashion show choreography Modeling a fashion dress
model/ fashion model, photographic model:

Who are they and what do they do? The job of a model is to put him/herself on display in magazines, television, posters, etc. and to show and promote fashion clothing as well as other products. There are both male and female models. Self employment is quite likely.

What are the activities of the job? The two types of model overlap considerably.

Fashion Model - showing off clothing of different makes and fashion accessories to an audience at fashion shows - co-operation with fashion designers, stylists, make-up men/women, choreographers and other models in preparing fashion shows, discussions on the type of hair-style or wig, and the kind of make-up.

Photographic Model - putting him/herself on display in front of photographers who make pictures for magazines, including sometimes erotic magazines, for advertisement catalogues, various booklets, posters and/or for the purposes of artistic representation (s/he must adapt their position and expression to the situation and mood required by the photographer, including showing certain emotions and other expressions which may call for some talent as an actor) - co-operation with photographers, fashion editors, stylists as well as make-up men/women, discussions on the style of dress, hair-style and make-up, sometimes providing his/her own particular clothes, fashion accessories and make-up.

Models commonly need to take care of their complexion, hair-style and overall looks - keep in training maintain their figure and physical condition - co-operate and keep contact with model agencies.

model/ fashion model, photographic model:
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