Observing the night sky in the observatory dome
Observing the night sky in the observatory dome Replacing the eyepiece (magnifying) in an astronomical telescope and focusing it on an object Covering the telescope with a tarp

Who are they and what do they do? An astronomer is a scientist who observes stars, comets, meteorites, and other objects in space, as well as the behaviour of star systems, galaxies and other phenomena in space and analyses and evaluates the data gathered.

What are the activities of the job? The knowledge gained is worked out in reports, studies and lectures. S/he forecasts the behaviour of objects in space in the near and distant future. The research touches other sciences, too (mathematics, physics, geography). S/he takes part in the preparation of educational programmes in the sphere of astronomy, astronautics, etc.

Where is it done and under what conditions? In observatories and university research institutes.

What tools/equipment do they use? Mainly telescopes, but also computers.

What do you need to succeed? You need a university education, a positive attitude to astronomy, and the ability to work systematically.

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