crane driver (crane operator)

crane driver (crane operator)

Oiling bearings on a tower
Oiling bearings on a tower Disassembling a crane Loading a ship Cranes at a construction site Bridge crane in a steel wholesale company A view of  a crane-operator´s cabin Checking the lifting cable
crane driver (crane operator):

Who are they and what do they do? His/her work consists of the transport of various loads from one place to another using a crane or other hoisting equipment or several construction cranes working in tandem with hand operated elements and signals and/or through phone or other communications devices

What are the activities of the job? Activities include slinging of loads by the use of various hooks, ropes, chains suitable for hoisting, moving a load to other desired destinations, helping with stripping off and transporting the crane/hoist, providing for the safe operation and placement of cranes/hoists under particular weather conditions, during and after work as well as their basic maintenance.

Where is it done and under what conditions? This job is typically done in or outside of buildings or on building sites, industrial plants, and transport installations, as well as in places of work where heavy loads must be lifted and handled. Exposure to changing weather conditions and nuisance from noise/dust must be anticipated.

What tools/equipment do they use? Typical tools and equipment used are the controls of several different types of crane and hoist, as well as equipment and hand tools for their basic maintenance.

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crane driver (crane operator):
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