fire officer (firefighter)

fire officer (firefighter)

Putting out a forest fire
Putting out a forest fire Decontaminating protective devices from dangerous substances after an intervention Underground intervention using a self-contained breathing apparatus Extinguishing a fire with water Extinguishing a fire with foam
fire officer (firefighter):

Who are they and what do they do? The job of a firefighter is to perform a wide range of rescue work, especially of a fire fighting character.

What are the activities of the job? His/her activities are fire-fighting - extinguishing fires - saving people, animals and property during fires and emergency events - using protective suits, breathing apparatus, resuscitation and measuring appliances - doing special rescue jobs: s/he rescues people at the scene of a traffic accident - intervenes when hazardous substances leak - may work underwater as a diver - provides contact with fire registration offices - sees to it that health and safety rules and the demands of civilized behaviour are observed during rescue operations and other interventions. If a firefighter rises through the ranks to become a commanding officer (commanding officer of a fire-brigade crew, fire brigade, shift, or station, depending on the number of members of a fire brigade), then he/she has more duties, for instance - commands the brigade during an intervention - determines fire-fighting tactics during interventions - works out documentation on fire fighting - arranges for professional training and ensures the permanent readiness for intervention of subordinate firefighters - organises fire-fighting practices and field exercises - organises the maintenance of fire-fighting equipment. Members of a shift (one shift takes 24 hours) are not only the firefighters and their commanders but also a machine operator (who operates fire-fighting systems in particular, for instance, vehicles, mobile tanks and ladders, rescuing devices and other special and mobile devices for interventions and other actions) and an engineer (who ensures especially the readiness for use and the selection of fire-fighting equipment).

Where is it done and under what conditions? He/she does the job in various buildings; fires and other dangerous situations are common (gas leaks, flooding, etc.) The working environment is thus particularly difficult and dangerous. There is shift work, as well.

What tools/equipment do they use? Tools and equipment include fire extinguishers, fire engines, ladders, lifting platforms, fire-fighting tanks, cutting equipment etc.

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fire officer (firefighter):
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