ecologist (environmentalist)

ecologist (environmentalist)

Trace element analysis in water samples
Trace element analysis in water samples Running and calibrating an absorption spectrometer Measuring soil contamination with a magnetometer Ecologist´s portable field equipment Measuring the contamination of water
ecologist (environmentalist):

Who are they and what do they do? The ecologist's task is to study how organisms relate to one another and their environment, the impact of human and other activity, and to provide advice on how to protect, and further develop, the environment.

What are the activities of the job? The job includes

- ensuring and organising scientific tasks that concern the protection of the environment, e.g. water, air and soil protection, etc.

- carrying out inspections in the terrain, checking if the health standards and other legal regulations are being adhered to, including the working out of proposals to find solutions, and imposing fines

- lobbying for the protection of the environment during country or town planning proceedings, during preparation for construction of industrial plant or buildings, and where there are significant interventions into the natural environment and landscape

- carrying out independent surveys of the environment and analysing them, evaluation of the impact of the environment on human health and nature, and carrying out necessary scientific studies

- giving advice to different institutions including government bodies.

- taking part in environmental conferences

ecologist (environmentalist):
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