ice-cream maker

ice-cream maker

Who are they and what do they do? S/he makes natural ice creams using milk, sugar, and fruit as basic ingredients.

What are the activities of the job? S/he makes ice creams with milk, sugar, fruit and other ingredients. s/he mixes them properly, pasteurises the mixture. In order to divide the fat globules s/he makes the ingredients pass through the homogenising machine; s/he pours the mixture into a freezer machine and starts it up to beat and to cool the mixture until the product acquires the necessary consistency. S/he can decorate ice creams with frosted fruits, chocolate, or other ingredients. S/he can also curl the paste of the ice cream with various ingredients from the traditional craft pastry shop. As ice cream processing has become mechanised and adapted for mass production, this occupation is rarely carried out in the traditional way.

Where is it done and under what conditions? Works in ice-cream workshops, where it is essential to keep strict hygienic conditions and a constant cleaning of the utensils in order to prevent possible food contamination. The place of work often has to be kept very cold and humid.

What tools/equipment do they use? Mixers, spatulas, measuring equipment, spoons.

What do you need to succeed? There is no particular specification regarding the level of studies; usually some basic primary training is enough. Experience and skills are generally acquired through practising and can also be supported with the aid of some specific occupational course.

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