barman/barmaid (bartender)

barman/barmaid (bartender)

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barman/barmaid (bartender):

Who are they and what do they do? A bartender (barman/ barmaid) prepares and serves a wide range of mixed soft drinks and alcoholic drinks. S/he also prepares formal meals (tables) - banquets, functions and receptions, serves meals and gives the finishing touches to their preparation.

A barman may find job opportunities in public catering establishments, such as restaurants, cafés, holiday centres, hotels, cafeterias, on board aircraft and ships, dining cars on trains, at various clubs, at banquets and receptions and in other places. S/he may also work as a waiter or a publican.

What are the activities of the job? S/he serves drinks at places designed for this purpose, i.e. at bars. S/he attends to customers at a bar, or accepts orders from waiters for service at a table. The bartender's work mostly takes place in public, in view of his/her guests. S/he mixes drinks, places mats, serves drinks and settles the accounts.

S/he maintains the bar equipment - glasses, drink mixers, shakers, ensures that fruit, condiments and other raw materials and drinks are refrigerated or otherwise stored and treated properly. Adherence to hygiene regulations and rigorous cleanliness is essential in this job. S/he may need to be able to cook various simple recipes.

Where is it done and under what conditions? Restaurants, cafés, bars, - often then in a noisy environment. Bar staff mostly work shifts.

barman/barmaid (bartender):
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